'Beyond Backwoodsman... The Other World of Charlie'

By clicking on the link, you have just stepped into another side of my life. I'm not selling anything here as it's mainly an outlet for expressing what is on my mind. I think the reader will see that when Backwoodsman Magazine isn't on my mind that my thoughts from 'the other side' can be varied. And I will write on these from time to time as well as write on my favorite pastimes. For those unfamiliar with what makes me get up in the morning, here's a brief overview.

Many Backwoodsman Magazine readers probably don't know this about me but after a long association with small car racing and having dropped out of racing for many years, I'm going back to the modified midget racing ranks. Racing to an old racer is like drugs to a drug user, very hard to quit. I'm also a 'for real' bona-fide surf fisherman and I will ride the surf line all day looking for just the right circumstances. The sea and the surf have been in my blood since the early days of my childhood and at least to me, they have a very soothing and calming effect. So it is no surprise that one of my real passions is our Texas Coastal beaches. I might also mention that another one of my loves is beach-combing, which fits in nicely with surf fishing like a hand inside a glove. As many of you know, I'm also a collector of vintage knives, old guns, antique bows and arrows and other historical items. Lynne and I regularly frequent antique/junk shops in search of the ultimate treasure find. Since I mentioned treasure, I'm sure everybody knows by now that I'm a metal detecting relic/treasure hunter. I've hunted relics/treasures going back to the days when we lived in Colorado. In fact, I have a friend who tells me that if I continue to surround myself with antiques, old guns and relics that I am certain to bring in a few of their former owners. To my way of thinking, I already have a few resident ghosts so I'm not uncomfortable with this concept.

For those who may have wondered in the past where I got my need for things wild, my first backwoods adventure was camping on a small bayou in deep East Texas. For the most part this was 'alone' camping. These days it would be called survival camping but back then I was just having the time of my life. The many nights I spent cat-fishing and the many days I spent paddling my jon boat further back into the bayou in the deeper reaches of the forest along with things I saw and experienced during my 'alone' adventures all helped to shape who I am today.

But an even bigger part of my other world 'beyond Backwoodsman' is music. As a family we attend at least a couple of music festivals per year with the Austin City Limits Music Festival serving as our annual family gathering. To say music is important to me is putting it mildly. So to start off this page, I've created a playlist that represents my varied musical tastes. I hope everyone enjoys my selections but I also realize that my choices may not be for everybody. The songs that are playing are just a few types of songs I listen to depending on my mood and disposition for the day. I've never been the type of person to listen to only one form of music and depending on what I'm thinking, my choices reflect this. In the publishing business we are sometimes required to work long hours getting an issue ready to go to the printer and those long hours in the middle of the night are always accompanied by some form of mood music, not just any standard, piped-in music but my own selections. I think that Lynne would probably choose to add Santana to the playlist, but this isn't her playlist. Sorry Lynne.

Now you see how varied my other world 'beyond Backwoodsman' can be and I've only scratched the surface...

charlie's playlist (links to ©Playlist.com)

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