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In the July/August 2022 Issue:

  • Back To The Basics With Mountain Men Star Josh Kirk
  • How To Make A Spider Web Bait Net
  • Pottery & Utensils From The Vine
  • How To Bearproof Your Camp
  • The Overall Farm Gun

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About Us

Backwoodsman magazine was started in 1980 and is published bi-monthly. We are dedicated to preserving Old Frontier living, primitive hunting and fishing, tool and weapons lore, and wilderness survival. Each issue includes articles, information and how-to projects associated with this unique period of North American history.

Types of articles you'll find in our magazine..

  • How to build shelter, canoes, firearms and bow-and-arrows
  • How to fabricate clothing, create tools and other gear necessary for life on the frontier
  • Survival techniques, fire-building, cooking
  • Primitive hunting and fishing
  • Indian lore

March/April 2020 Featured Article

Disaster Preparedness
Advice to a Beginner

by Ernest Davenport

Recently, someone in my Local Prepper Survival Network asked what advice we would offer to a complete beginner level prepper, starting from scratch. While I could talk for days about the subject with great detail, I've attempted to summarize it to give readers a good idea of what it takes to get started. While this is intended for folks who haven't yet begun their preps, I will discuss some more advanced concepts of bugging out that may be helpful for folks just beginning to consider preparedness for themselves and their families. Start with 72 hours of supplies for each household member, for something common like a tornado, hurricane or temporary power outage. Start with food and water, first aid, medicine, candles, flashlights, headlamps, spare batteries, power banks for electronics, emergency hand-crank radio, communication, self-defense, and a portable solar panel. Think about the basics you and your family need to stay comfortable during the shorter-term disaster or events like winter storms and power outages and add those items to fit your individual needs.

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