Writer's Guidelines

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  • We aren't hard to write for. In fact, we encourage you to write articles and how-to materials for this publication, it's your magazine. The lifeblood of Backwoodsman Magazine is the reader. But there are some rules to follow.

    Subjects: muzzleloading guns, muzzleloading hunting, 19th century woodslore, early cartridge guns, primitive survival, craft items from yesteryear, American history, grass roots gardening, leather crafting projects, homesteading, small gardening, shelter and small house construction, mountain men and long hunters, Indians, Indian bow and arrow construction, slingshots, the making of primitive weapons of all types, hermits of today and yesteryear.

    We are not particularly interested in fictional stories or material that has the tone of a novel. Any material of this type submitted to Backwoodsman Magazine will be sent back. Our limited 80 page format does not allow space for this type of material. It is important that any material submitted also have illustrations or photos. Many times this is the determining factor whether a manuscript is actually published. Pen/ink drawings and color pictures will reproduce. Please do not submit pencil drawings/illustrations since these do not reproduce well.

    The length of written material is left up to the author. Well written material that covers a subject in depth is always favored. There is also a point when an article or manuscript can become too lengthy for our format. We typically will not consider articles or stories that are a series. For example, if you submit an article that is 9-12 pages of single spaced type, we will regard this as at least a two-part article. If possible, try to condense your material into a one-part article. Remember, we are limited with our 80 page format.

    Regarding photograph submissions, if a fuzzy photograph is submitted with your article, it's as good as not having any photograph. We won't be able to use it so please try your best to submit precise, clear and sharp photographs with your article. This can sometimes be another determining factor as to whether we publish your manuscript or not. A photograph should be taken in bright light (no shadows), or with a flash if there are shadows. In the event you submit photographs by email, please use the jpeg format. Articles without color pictures or some type of illustration take extra time to get into the magazine. When extra time has to be taken to illustrate a piece, there is a possibility that it could take longer to get into print.


    Articles that are clear, concise and not just thrown together and all jumbled will get into format quicker. If I need to send back an article more than once to get things in order, it is only natural the back and forth will get tiring. There is only so much time in the day. We are easy to write for but please don't send articles that are disorganized. We can't mind-read...yet!

    We are willing to trade a 1/24 page display ad in our magazine (value $100) for each article submitted and published. The only exception would be an advertisement which we feel doesn't fit our format or is questionable in content. Several of our regular writers who have something to sell have chosen the display advertising route. In the event you don't have anything to promote or sell, we are willing to trade a 2 year subscription for any article accepted. We want writers who care about a special publication, not writers who care more about the money they might earn. If you gain satisfaction from submitting subject material of importance to our BWM family of readers, then you have the make-up to become one of our contributors.

    Misc: We do not deal in personal vendettas, bad mouthing of products, revenge, racially motivated material, and other questionable topics. Our whole premise is yesteryear and the way it happened. This is not to say you can't speak your mind but just try to be tasteful.

    Please send an SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with your manuscript in the event we need to send it back to you if you mailed it to us. Also, if you desire correspondence with us, please send a SASE.

    Charlie Richie Sr./Publisher